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Blinkfire.ai is the technology and dataset currently used to power Blinkfire Analytics, Blinkfire Inventory Manager, and other products coming soon

Learn about the artificial intelligence assets now available to third parties for licensing. Blinkfire.ai has the most comprehensive digital dataset for sports and entertainment.

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A dataset including 500 million social media posts, 400 billion post reactions, 100 million valued brand logos, and 50 million spotted objects.

Large Language Model for Sports and Entertainment - LLM

Blinkfire.ai's LLM data has social and digital text, image, and video data for leagues, teams, players and sponsors in sports and entertainment going back to 2014.

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Social Media Engagement Data

Track the value of every image or video post with BrandSpotterβ„’. Our patented brand detection technology finds brands and scenes in images and videos across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

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Logo Detection Data

We have millions of detected logo samples and am API in which can be used to detect logos in images and videos from all sources. One of blinkfire.ai's core assets is the proprietary and patented computer vision engine built over a number of years by our PhD led artificial intelligence team.

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Digital Activation Data

Our anonymized dataset of digital activations feeds a model of pricing and predictive pricing for campaigns and other digital sponsorships.

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Multimodal LLM Data

Blinkfire is working to define a rich multimodal LLM model for social in sports and entertainment.

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Historical Data

Learn from the past to position your team and sponsors for the future. Unlock valuable data and insights that tell the whole story of your social media, content, and sponsorship ROI.

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OTT Content Data


Blinkfire.ai's dataset includes years of anonymized OTT data including viewership and retention graphs, as well as brand valuations per time slice.

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Our AI powered solutions track social posts of rights holders, including teams, leagues, brands, players, federations, media companies, and influencers in near real-time across seven social media platforms and more than 40 sports, 170 professional leagues, 2,800 teams, 150,000 players, and 1,800 brands. Based in Chicago and Valencia, we have customers not only across the United States and Spain, but also in England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Paraguay, Chile, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

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